Massage & Body Work

Massage and Bodywork


Massage Therapy has increased in popularity exponentially over the last 30 years in the U.S. as its benefits involving stress reduction, relieving muscle tension, improving joint function and relieving pain have been better understood and appreciated. However, the unique characteristics and potential of numerous more advanced and specialized methods within the overall Massage and Bodywork category tend to be less familiar. You may have heard of terms like Structural Integration, Neuromuscular or Myofascial technique.


In the Oriental Medical tradition Tui na, Amma, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Hoshino Therapy are dynamic methods that are informed by the medical principles of Acupuncture. These can result in greater improvement to health and function. We have been fortunate to have been inspired and taught for many years by talented teachers and mentors who devoted themselves to manual therapies and therapeutic art forms.


Our practice has been strongly influenced by mentors in the Hoshino tradition and complemented by forms of western structural bodywork. We each have stresses and lifestyle patterns that are less than balanced – hyper-active, over computer focused, sleep deficient, constrained schedules, under-athletic, over-athletic, the aging process, relationship and work stress, a persistent medical concern – just to name a few. Any combination of these stress patterns can contribute to muscle tension, contraction, joint stiffness, poor posture and inevitable acute or chronic pain. Not all, but a high percentage of muscular and skeletal pain patterns can be treated effectively with acupressure, massage or bodywork methods.


Having an evaluation using palpation, range of motion, muscle tests and observation together with your unique personal history and it’s possible to determine the appropriateness of using a form of Manual Therapy as a singular treatment method or as a strategic complement to acupuncture and/or other modalities.


NOTE: Yes, acupressure manual therapy or bodywork may be scheduled as an independent and separate service!